Mythsterhood, Episode 14 and a half, Mythster Round Table

So, in honour of the halfway point, which we passed right after our exploration of Russian dragons in episode 12, we passed our halfway point in the destinations we settled on for season 1, we decided to have a chat about what this project has meant to us as well as answer some questions lovingly provided by the members of our Discord community.

Content warning for giggles, but we did manage to keep side quests to a minimum.

Now, without further ado, let’s get to it!

Later Mythsters!

In this AMA, the Mythsterhood Hydra discuss our origin story, how we came to the idea of the Mythsterhood, why we chose dragons for the first season, how it’s been for us working together, how has research been, and our experience with limiting episodes ⁠— why we have short episodes.

We also delve into answering these questions:

1. Is there anything that surprised you as you were researching, or were there any beliefs you had that were then proven untrue by your research?

2. Was there anything you wish you could have talked about, but couldn’t?

3. Was there anything you had wanted to research more into?

4. Taking what you have learned into account, if you were to create a fantasy setting with Dragons, what would the dragons be like?

5. Which of the various cultures you studied upended your expectations/pre-conceived notions the most?

6. “Of all the various beasties we’ve covered, if you could pick any one to actually be real, which would it be?

7.If you could be a dragon, which one would it be and why?

Theme music: Wanderer by Alexander Nakarada ( Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License


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