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October 9, 2020 / / Dragons

Welcome back Mythsters! Last week Jaz and Anike took us on a wonderful exploration of Indian serpents, mainly concentrating on the naga of Hindu and Buddhist belief. If you haven’t…

September 28, 2020 / / Dragons

Welcome to episode 8, Mythsters! This week we’ll be diving into the dragons of Indian myth and folklore. So, after many times hinting at all the myths with naga at their roots, we’ve finally made it to the birthplace of this illustrious creature!

September 7, 2020 / / Dragons
August 10, 2020 / / Dragons

Hello Mythsters. Our last flight has been a little bumpy, with Anike being sick and Koji overwhelmed with renovation work. Jaz has been holding down the fort, but we’re all…

July 6, 2020 / / Dragons