Author: Jaz

December 14, 2020 / / Dragons

Egyptian mythology turned out to be so vast, we opted to discuss two dragons in greater depth, and are discussing a few other ones in here. Among which are the first underworld deities, guiding spirits through the afterlife (or eating them if they’ve been too naughty).

September 28, 2020 / / Dragons

Welcome to episode 8, Mythsters! This week we’ll be diving into the dragons of Indian myth and folklore. So, after many times hinting at all the myths with naga at their roots, we’ve finally made it to the birthplace of this illustrious creature!

September 15, 2020 / / Dragons
August 28, 2020 / / Dragons
August 20, 2020 / / Dragons

So, we’re in the final stretch of this Godzilla retrospective. What a ride it’s been, from social commentary, to kitsch and campiness, and in this last installment, another reboot or…

August 16, 2020 / / Dragons
August 13, 2020 / / Dragons

Godzilla returns, in this second installment of Jaz’s retrospective of the–seemingly endless–franchise. The rabbit holes here are endless, but I shall try to navigate them. Have you got your bag…

August 6, 2020 / / Dragons

When you think of dragons in Japanese pop culture, my first thought always goes to the slender, serpentine body type, like Haku, from one of our previous blogs. The saurian…

July 9, 2020 / / Dragons

It always fascinates me when characters migrate from ancient myth and legend and find a place in popular culture–to see them adapting to the times and connecting with younger generations.…

July 6, 2020 / / Dragons