Creatures of Mythology: About The Mythsterhood

Creatures of mythology is what The Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales are all about. Join us as we roar the heavens and swim the seas in search of the spectacular and magical through our blog and podcast.

Our Origin Myth

Every magical beast needs an origin myth, and who are we to be the exception? 

The Mythsterhood of Travelling Tales began in the depths of a great pool of ink. Within the thick liquid, a woman’s voice began to whisper about dragons. Then another. And another. These three women found each other in the darkness and merged into a single beast to explore their obsession. They rose from the ink with shining scales and strong wings to carry them throughout the world. 

The beast retained its three heads, each snapping at different aspects of mythology. How do similar creatures keep showing up in vastly different cultures? How have these creatures changed over time? What roles do they fulfill in our modern world? These are just some of the questions driving the Mythsterhood. 

Like the Hydra of Greek lore, our teeth can raise the dead, bringing lost skeletons back to life for an episode or two. But unlike our hydra-friend, we’re not guarding the door to the underworld. No. We’re blasting it wide open, and asking you to come explore with us.

Meet the Heads

Anike Kirsten

Anike lives in the dead centre of South africa, an area called the Bo-Karoo, where she looks for spiders for fun. She is a writer, illustrator, mother, wife, and nerd-geek hybrid. Anike enjoys all forms of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Well, almost all forms. Not romance. And loves stories from her home country. She is also one of the Mythster voices who may or may not go off the rails about something or another. Find her on her website at

Jasmine Arch

Jaz, also known as the Wolf Mother, is a writer, poet, narrator, and vessel of chaos. She is eternally grateful for her mother’s refusal to curtail her children in their choices–whether that was literature, spirituality, studies, or appearance–and grew up devouring her older brother’s collection of fantasy novels. In hindsight, telling stories of her own seems inevitable, but it took her a while to accept this and find the courage to begin.

She is one of the voices that will whisper to you of dragons in the dark.

If you would like to find out more about her or her work, visit

Koji A. Dae

Koji is a dreamer, a mother, and a writer in that order. The first short story she clearly remembers writing involved fairies losing their wings, and ever since then mythology has found different ways to creep into her storytelling. 

While you won’t hear her on the podcast, you can rest assured she is working hard behind the scenes: managing the website and conducting research to bring you interesting tidbits you (hopefully) didn’t know before. If you want to find our more about her or her writing, check out

Join the Mythsterhood

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