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What’s a Mythster?

The Mythsters are a small group dedicated to uncovering the similarities and differences among mythologies around the world. We enjoy reading about mythological creatures, especially when we find something that repeats in several different cultures. But perhaps the best moments are those when we find a truly unique aspect about an otherwise familiar creature.

What Do we Do?

The Mythsterhood of the Travellings tales explores the various creatures and beings in mythologies around the world, area by area, from East to West. Each sort of creature will be covered separately in podcast and blog episodes across a season.

What is a season? For us, a season will be around 9 months, give or take a couple of weeks. Just long enough for each mythological creature to fully form in your mind and heart.

For our first season, we’re covering all sorts of dragons, from the typical and stereotypical, to the obscure and unknown. We’re also taking a look at the creatures that may be related, in one way or another, from dragons in that area’s mythology and folklore.

Along with our episodes, we’re exploring how these wonderful and awe-inspiring creatures influence and appear in popular culture, sometimes in ways we may not have realised before. Plus short story and book reviews of those featuring or starring dragons, both good and bad, in epic tales to feed your imagination.

And we’re asking you, our Mythsters, to join us in discussing these and many, many more with each episode.

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Musings from the Mythsters

Blog posts to accompany our podcast, including articles on mythical creatures in pop culture, short story reviews, and bonus posts based on the areas we’ve covered in each episode. Because we know you Mythsters need more.

Check Out the Mythsterhood Podcast

Our first podcast will go live on this year’s midsummer solstice: June 21, 2020. Be sure to come check it out!

Welcome to Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales. Join us as we roar the heavens and swim the seas in search of the spectacular and magical. Like the Hydra of Greek lore, our teeth can raise the dead, bringing lost skeletons back to life for an episode or two. But unlike our three-headed friend, we’re not guarding the door to the underworld. No. We’re blasting it wide open, and asking you to come explore with us.

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