Hello, Mythsters!

Anike and I just stopped by for a tiny little announcement:

With our last episode, where we visited Russia, The Mythsterhood of the Travelling Tales has hit the halfway point in its first season!

Can you believe it? Because we sure can’t.

Koji, Anike, and I wanted to celebrate this with a special episode in which the three us have a chat and talk about what we’ve learned and how we look back on the last six or so months.

And we wanted to give all of you a chance to ask us any questions you might have. A special channel has been created on our Mythsterhood Discord Community, especially for this purpose, so don’t be a stranger!

Later Mythsters!

Theme music: Wanderer by Alexander Nakarada (serpentsoundstudios.com) Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License


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